ABOUT Amin Bhatia

Emmy-nominated Amin Bhatia has composed for film, television, and album projects, for more than 35 years. His Interstellar Suite and Virtuality albums showcase a neo-classical style and wide dynamic range. Of note is “Bolero Electronica,” Ravel's masterpiece, performed on 75 years’ worth of synthesizers, in chronological order. TV scores include Anne with an E, Flashpoint, The Handmaid’s Tale, Detention Adventure, and Let’s Go Luna, many of which were co-written by his friend and colleague Ari Posner. Film credits include Iron Eagle II and John Woo's Once a Thief, as well as orchestral scores for IMAX features by award-winning director David Lickley. Having been mentored by such luminaries as Steve Porcaro, Oscar Peterson, and David Greene, Amin is now giving back with workshops at the Canadian Film Centre and Humber College. He is the first Canadian on the Board of Advisors for the Bob Moog Foundation.