ABOUT Jean-Robert Bisaillon

Jean-Robert Bisaillon is a leading advocate in the fight for better working conditions for music creators and self-producers. He is an in-demand speaker and trainer in the areas of creative career management, cultural exports and digital music issues. He was the co-ordinator of SOPREF’s Amplified Music Forum in 1997-98 and, as a member of the French B group in the 1990s, was among the first Quebec musicians to use sampling. More recently, Jean-Robert created the digital culture research and training company iconoclaste-TGiT (“Tag It”). He’s a former or current member of many boards of directors, including those of SOCAN, Musicaction, the Songwriters Association of Canada (S.A.C.), the steering committee of Option culture/Virage numérique (SODEC/Quebec Ministry of Culture), Francouvertes, MUTEK, the Quebec Pop Music Task Force, CIBL-FM and the Board of Trade of Greater Montreal. Jean-Robert was the publisher and a co-writer of a pioneering sound recording self-production guide (Guide d’autoproduction de l’enregistrement sonore, 2002), a co-writer of the Guide pratique France-Québec du disque et du spectacle (2006, Paris, IRMA éditions) and the writer of SPACQ’s Petit guide Internet pour les auteurs et compositeurs (2008). He has completed an M.A. in Knowledge Mobilization at Montreal’s INRS–UCS (2013) with specialization in Music Metadata.