New SOCAN program Licensed to Play

Published 02/18/2014

By Jennifer Brown

There’s no doubt that with the economy constantly waiting for corrections, and the brutally cold winter, that we could all use some fun. With that I’d like to introduce the new SOCAN Licensed to Play (L2P) program, which is a great way for businesses to show that they know music is instrumental to their success, and that they support those talented individuals who create it.

For too long, we’ve seen our music consumers and our creators as two separate entities, but both need each other, and the Licensed to Play program is a fun way to display that mutual admiration. Just like a massive “Like” button, you will know by the L2P emblem that you’re walking into an establishment owned and operated by music fans and appreciators.

Walk through any mall, club, restaurant or fitness studio and you’re likely surrounded by music. This isn’t a random or accidental occurrence. Most business owners know that they need music to help create an atmosphere in their establishment and that it enhances the customer experience – music brings people into your store, restaurant, bar, club, or similar establishment.

It’s a fact: Music adds value.

Now these business owners get to display their dedication and support for fair compensation in a fun way. The Licensed to Play program really pulls together the owners, creators and clientele as partners in making sure that creators are fairly compensated, and that songwriters, composers and music publishers can recognize the businesses that appreciate the value that they bring to their business.

The L2P program will include social media elements, with contests and incentives to SOCAN members, licensees and the general public for sharing sightings and stories when they see the L2P sticker, which not only represents an ethical and legal business decision, but provides a gateway to the world’s repertoire of music.  By becoming Licensed to Play, businesses communicate their support for music to customers, employees, partners, and the more than 120,000 songwriters, composers and music publishers that comprise SOCAN’s membership. The L2P emblem symbolizes respect for music creation, fair play and fun.

And if you happen to be a songwriter, composer or music fan, be sure to spread the word and show your support to these business owners. Share your L2P sightings on Twitter (@SOCANmusic), like us on Facebook (SOCANmusic), and make sure to use the hashtag #L2P!

About Jennifer Brown

Jennifer Brown heads up the Licensing department at SOCAN, which is responsible for collecting royalties from businesses that use music in broadcasts, streams, concerts and in their establishments. Jenn is an avid music fan and has a recurring New Year’s resolution to finally learn to play a musical instrument.


  1. Duncan Kirkland

    I want to become a licensed member of SOCAN. How do I do this?

    1. Howard Druckman

      We can help you with that question! Please call our SOCAN Info Centre at 1-866-307–6226, or e-mail and we’ll be glad to assist you.


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