Standing out from too much information

Published 11/10/2015

By Jeff King

A refugee crisis in Syria. Oil diving to $20 a barrel. Jon Hamm finally winning an Emmy. Cash for Gold. Kanye for President.

On any given day, your fans are bombarded by thousands of bits of information. The rise of smartphones as our major source of news and entertainment has dramatically transformed the speed and volume of data. Humans, not just companies, are now in the mega-data world.

And why does this matter? Because as a songwriters, composers or music publishers, this is the environment in which you’re operating. Want to get a crowd to the local bar to hear your songs? Easy, just jump onto social media and you’re done.

But not so fast; everyone else has done that already.

So you have to differentiate yourself and your medium, whether word of mouth, social media, posters, flyers, you name it. And however you differentiate yourself, be consistent.

A career in music truly is a contact sport. Stick to making high volumes of contacts. Take those interviews. Ask about articles. Get your brand out there.

And don’t forget, having some talent certainly doesn’t hurt.

About Jeff King

Jeff King is SOCAN’s Chief Operating Officer and he’s been with the organization since 2001 in a variety of roles. His career is showcased by a strong record of management performance, staff and business development. A natural leader, Jeff is a strategic thinker and planner. But that is really just part of his story. He grew up in Southern Ontario and is an avid music, travel and movie fan. He is also a history and business buff. This combination of interests results in him not only doing a job he actually enjoys but does not even feel like work. Of course, if he stopped getting paid he would likely stop showing up.

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